Ingrid Slack

Biodanza Facilitator, Milton Keynes

I believe passionately in the great power of Biodanza to help people to be happier, more confident and healthier. Biodanza has brought all the things I love and have experienced into one joyful whole, for example, I have always loved teaching and was a teacher for many years , I love helping people to be happier and feel more in control of their lives so I am a practising chartered counselling psychologist/therapist and run workshops on personal development.

Spirituality has always been important to me, so I co-founded the Transpersonal section of the British Psychological Society and have co-written a book on Teaching Meditation to Children. I am also a Reiki Master and certified Deeksha giver. I have loved people, music and dance since early childhood and have two beautiful Biodanza weekly groups in Milton Keynes and run the occasional weekend workshop. I have specialised in Biodanza with the elderly and with children, also Biodanza and Shamanism and the Tree of desires. For a year, by request, I took Biodanza to a brain injury re-habilitation unit which showed some beautiful results. I feel privileged to have found Biodanza in my life and to be able to take it into the world. I am delighted to be taking part in this first Biodanza festival in the North.