Fernanda Morales

I am qualified as a nurse and I have two passions in life which are dance and looking after people. 

Biodanza Fernanda Morales’ mission is to help human beings see that, through body movement, they can change the quality of life for the better.

The moment that I had my first experience on Biodanza, that we called “Vivencia”, I fell in love and I knew that I wanted to be a facilitator and promote what Biodanza taught and gave me.

I started the practice in 2015.
In Nov, 2017 I started the facilitator course, and I finished in May, 2022.

If you come to Biodanza Fernanda Morales more than four times, you would probably feel more confident in yourself and people around could notice that you are nicely different!

I love body human movements and the possibility of express feelings, emotions and so much more through it is beyond words. I am also passionate about taking care of people and the environment and surroundings. So in a nutshell I am all in, once subjects are body movement and care!